Il Brand

Maison Gabriella Chieffo

“When I created the Gabriella Chieffo brand, I drew heavily on my experiences in the fields of art, engineering and design, and I wanted them to arrive at a new dimension of research that would rise to an extension of knowledge and meaning.”

The seven collections designed by Gabriella Chieffo develop the brand through a narrative weave of thematic assonances that tell, evoke, reveal.
Each collection holds the full meaning around which its fragrances unfold, in a play of intermittence and anticipation where each element becomes the warp of a choral tapestry. Olfactory chapters of a lived story that anticipates its continuation between suspensions and alternations, Gabriella Chieffo’s collections sketch, through the counter-song of otherness, a sophisticated melody of the whole.

Instincts, passions and memories echo in the brand and manifest themselves in pure, absolute, material design, where inner drives are sublimated into an extreme, carnal linearity.
The rigour of geometric forms becomes a treasure chest and fortress of fluid emotions, in a sophisticated play of cross-references that becomes the home of kaleidoscopic emotional universes.

A pure expression of Made in Italy, the brand has always linked its identity to art, presenting its olfactory creations through innovative installations that attract the attention of national and international media.
“My fragrances are the magic formula for robbing death, they are talismans that pulsate with life, they are life-giving spells”.