The olfactory logo

Spreading emotions to communicate your brand

How many times have you recalled a smell in your memory?

The olfactory one is the most persistent form of memory, capable of returning intact the emotions we felt in a place through the trail of our olfactory sensations. Smell is the identity of a place, because it recalls all its sensory dimensions and defines it unequivocally.

From the desire to apply this premise to the new frontiers of marketing, the Olfactory Logo was born, a powerful sensory tool that outlines the identity profile of an environment, becoming its unique and unrepeatable olfactory signature.

The creation of an Olfactory Logo requires study and research, of the spaces, fragrances and image to be conveyed, it requires the choice of an emotional approach within which the olfactory dimension assumes an essential strategic role.
Decades of experience in the field of artistic perfumery and space design converge in the creative process of your Olfactory Logo, making it an effective communication and positioning tool, the voice of a place that speaks for itself, an olfactory revelation and an exclusive identity connotation of your environment.