Body Lotion – Acquasala


Olfactory refuge to return to in order to regain one’s wellbeing
interior, Gabriella Chieffo’s signature Body Lotion is a cloud that
brings back the perfumed accords of Acquasala and a silky texture that
gently caresses the skin, giving a pleasant sensation of
return home.

250 ml

Body care

Irreverent and captivating, MAISON'S BODY CARE LINE is characterised by its high-impact design and packaging, creative boxes reproducing stylised houses in different colour shades, PET bottles winking at the pharma line, amusing labels that entertain a surreal dialogue with the public. The plus is a soft, silky texture emphasised by the intriguing bouquet of ACQUASALA, the much-loved fragrance and olfactory pillar of the Maison.

Body Lotion – Acquasala