Collection 2016 – the redemption

With the 2016 collection, I wanted to celebrate an absolute concept of  womanhood, the extreme embodiment of a femininity that is expressed in choices of courage and boldness.

A woman who eschews the role of pawn of Destiny and becomes her own destiny, defying conventions and choices of convenience to take on the cumbersome weight of complicated decisions and devastating feelings.

A Woman mixed with life and love, imbued with   Light   and Shadows  that in a dichotomous alternation tell her multifaceted complexity.

Because the Woman of Collection ’16 is a difficult Woman, a Woman who is frightening because she is self-sufficient and who, even at the moment of surrender, still wins when her principles survive her.

She is a woman who compensates for the weaknesses of others and who, with her courage, ennobles the cowardice with which unsettled men often cloak themselves.

The Violated femininity  is a drama tragically performed on scenes without time or place, which knows no distinction of race, religion or affiliation. This is why the Woman I wanted to tell with my new fragrances becomes a weapon of darkness and carries out a painful process of tearing darkness, becoming a deafening shadow, a cry that forcefully asserts its existence and cannot be ignored.

It is the cry of women who were once burnt alive, it is the cry of women who are still burnt at the stake of prejudice, of those exterminated within the walls of the home, the piercing cry of women who in some places are still subjected to public executions under the hypocritical and helpless gaze of the world. This is the cry of shadows making noise, the cry of shadows that make light.