Sample Kit


Choose your favorite fragrance with the handy kit of 14 bottles of 2.5 ml each.

All samples have a percentage of alcohol.

Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Essential Oils and Absolutes, Fragrance



The Fragrances

Gabriella Chieffo's creations are a narrative journey that becomes experience, memory, remembrance. The inviolate modesty of childhood is the olfactory seal of Collection '14, when it all begins. The immaculate awe, the childlike candour, the poignant memory.
In 2015, with Acquasala and Variazione di Ragù, the search for identity became a conscious rebirth.
Collection '16 is the absolute woman, female and master of her own destiny, the meaning and significance of her fate.
In 2017, the olfactory parable tells of irreconcilable lacerations, of desperate metamorphoses, of rebirths that absolve and fulfil changes.
Collection '18 is fragility asserting its strength and nakedly uttering its silent cry for help.
Infinite Moment, Collection '19 is the surrender to balance, to knowledge that floods and pacifies, to life that overflows the banks and welcomes salvation.
Crown of thorns piercing the skin, Collection '22 speaks of Resilience, of the courage to allow oneself to be pierced by pain, taking shape around one's wounds, welcoming the bruises and making them the shroud of one's soul. It tells of the strength of being able to overcome the daily grind, resisting the harshness of existence, drawing that dichotomous profile of someone who seems light enough to appear frivolous, but actually loves, struggles and lives with dramatic depth.
The unmistakable olfactory warp of the Gabriella Chieffo brand opens to a new texture, opening up to the dimension of Fable. Coveted refuge against the perfidy and cruelty of the world, Collection '24 wears the sumptuous robes of Sciusciù, a fragrance that, through the sinuous notes of the floral heart and spicy base, tells of spells and dungeons, escapes and redemptions that take shape around the carnal beauty of handmade red cementine caps.
Sample Kit