Travel Kit


    News on the road! The scented travel kit with everything you need to feel at home anywhere!

    The kit contains one 30 g soap and four bottles of 50 ml each.


    The Amenities Line

    The Amenities line designed by Gabriella Chieffo stems from the idea of extending the dimension of travel to a moment of unforgettable sensory experience. The enveloping notes of Acquasala seal the refined bouquet of the line, to become embrace, return, belonging. The exclusive, innovative, precursor packaging preserves and anticipates the privilege of dilating time in a magnetic, primitive instant of absolute pleasure. The silky texture accompanies the refined olfactory notes in a precious harmony of well-being, which changes the urge to leave into the absolute desire to stay.

    A pleasure for the soul even before the body, the Amenities line perpetuates the curse of self-care through a ritual of intoxicating fragrance accords.

    This line narrates the experience of elsewhere, of goodbyes and departures, of embraces and returns, of the spirit that brings home the memory of the perfect instant revealed through the olfactory wisdom of an essence.

    Travel Kit